Yet one more reason to like Lisa Eldridge

She’s like the British makeup nanny I never understood I needed.
How do I like Lisa Eldridge? let me count the ways…

First, I’ve discovered so, so much from her about makeup. Plus, she always does her own thing, as well as I’m so delighted to see somebody available who brings it without doing makeup that isn’t your common Instagram/YouTube/beat-to-the-gods look…not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just SO numerous people do it, as well as at a specific point, everybody starts to look the same.

Sorry, tangent.

Second, she’s a overall feline lady! I like it when her kitty cats ? show up in her videos.

Third, as well as I understand this is gonna noise so weird, buuuuut when I can’t sleep since I have insomnia in the wee hours of the morning (like I did last night!), I’ll terminate up a Lisa Eldridge video on my phone, put on my headphones, as well as listen to her soothing voice talk about makeup. POOF! — I autumn best back to sleep…

Last night I spent a couple hours awake in bed obsessing about relatives concerning stay for two weeks as well as exactly how I haven’t had sufficient time to clean the home before their arrival, as well as at some point between trying to work out when I’ll be able to scrub the guest toilet, as well as discovering a area for the Ninja Blender Box that’s been sitting on the dining space table for months, I turned on Lisa’s video about under-eye concealer, as well as sure enough, I’d drifted off to dreamland within a couple minutes.


Her voice is so soothing, as well as I adore her British accent as well as the truth that she’s speaking about a subject I love. It feels like I have this wonderful British makeup nanny sitting next to me, as well as she’s stroking my hair ever so carefully as well as speaking to me about eyeshadow as well as skincare in a soothing, wonderful voice up until I autumn asleep…

I’ve likewise fallen asleep to this one.


Lisa Eldridge…YOU DA BEST. You truly are. You put me to sleep, however I imply that in a free way. ? You send me off to the Land of great makeup dreams when I can’t sleep at night, as well as it’s much appreciated!

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